• Curtis E.

    Two executives ( HP and Cannon), were being interviewed on a cable business channel. They were being questioned as to why their stock price is trading 50% below the highs, when other large cap companies are trading at all time highs as the market rallies. The host continued by stating that 75% of revenue is generated from printer ink sales at 4 to 5 hundred percent margins. He then displayed the charts showing the data. He further questioned them if aftermarket companies have made any impact on their revenue streams therefore affecting shareholder stock prices. They both answered in a way that blamed labor costs, and competition from other major technology companies, but dispelled the fact that they lost revenue to Internet companies. However they had a third guest that was a market analyst that stated the reason was predominately due to aftermarket companies and Internet start ups that offered printer ink at a fraction of the cost. They then gave a snapshot of the 5 top companies that offered printer ink at these low prices. Your company (ccs-digital.com) was listed. The only response from the two executives was that you take a risk buying non oem products. As to your comment that you don't advertise. Just to the contrary, once you offered a product to the public you began advertising, and the customer is of course the best form of advertisement. If your product is junk you fail, if it works you got it right....

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