• Paul Thompson

    | Gender: Male

    Just wanted to drop a line and tell you I ordered ink today from your web site. I have been a satisfied customer for more than ten years. I had an Epson CX7450 for approximately ten years and it got to the point that it would no longer print black. After ordering ink for my new Canon MX922, I started reading some testimonials. Quite a few people bought their Canon MX922 printers on your recommendation, as did I! Thanks for caring. Paul Thompson, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania....

  • Walt Harris

    | Gender: Male

    As always, thanks for supplying great ink at crazy low prices, and great printer advice on the side.! My MX922 is still going strong!...

  • Gerald Rogers Productions, Glenview, IL

    | Gender: Male

    Thanks for your help with my broken Canon MX922 printer. I'm sending you the unused cartridges. Alas, after using my new TS8220 for a few weeks it is running out of ink. You offered me replacement cartridges at a stunning price. I gratefully accept your offer for credit on the returned cartridges toward future orders of the 281XL I need. Your gesture confirms the rumors of your dedication to customer service and a sense of sincere compassion. Many thanks. Gerry Rogers...

  • Arthur Doskow, New York, NY

    | Gender: Male

    Izzy, I just wanted to say hello. I'm glad to see that you're still in business. You've always sent me good product and treated me above and beyond ethically. Best wishes, Artie Doskow...

  • Peter Burchard, Fairfax, CA

    | Gender: Male

    Thanks for the extra cartridges, and for all your help over the years, including recommendations for my last few printers, I think the one I have (Canon Pixma) is my favorite yet....

  • Mike Koen, Schenectady, NY

    | Gender: Male

    Thanks, you’re the best in the business. Wish that I was still in the work world so that I would relate more frequently with great suppliers such as you Izzy....

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