• Rod Perrino

    I can't thank you enough for all of your help over the years. I have enormous respect for you and how you do business, and recommend you to anyone whenever I can. rod...

  • Bina Simon

    | Gender: Female

    Dear CCS, You can't DO this to people my age!!! It's DANGEROUS! First of all, it was scary enough last year when I installed the Brother laser printer you recommended and I pressed Print the first time and actually saw something come out. Perfectly and without the error message I was so used to with my other printer. But now, it's been so long since I changed the toner cartridge that I was getting nervous. Kinda like moms who check on their sleeping babies to make sure they're breathing? I mean, with my old printer I'd have changed cartridges a dozen dozen times by now, and sold some heirloom jewlery to pay for them, maybe robbed a bank or two. But FINALLY! It blinked TONER LOW. After who-knows-how-long. Yes she's ALIVE!!! And I changed the cartridge and.... IT PRINTED! No way! My blood pressure is just starting to come back to normal and my palpitations have just slowed down. You MUST warn aging customers about such products. For their health and safety. ...

  • Bina Simon, Chicago, IL

    | Gender: Female

    Dear CCS, I changed my very first ever Brother laser ink cartridge—just the black one— since buying the Brother laser printer per your recommendation, and buying your ink. When I pressed Print after changing it, it actually - gasp- PRINTED.  No error message that I was so used to from my daily/ weekly change of Epson ink cartridges. Sir, do you realize how old I am?  The shock to my system could have been dangerous. Thank Gd all is well. My palpitations have slowed considerably. Perhaps a Caution/ Warning should be included in your recommendations in these lawsuit-happy days? Sincerely yours,  A recuperat-ink shocked customer...

  • Vicki Darby Darby

    | Gender: Female

    Greetings, Izzy, I am still happily using my printer you told me about when I needed a new one years ago. I still love it . Canon Pixma MX922. Thanks for your help and your products over the years. To paraphrase the man in the Ads ..." I don't use as much Ink I as I use to, but when I do I get it from Izzy." Peace, Love, Light! Vicki ...

  • Paul Thompson

    | Gender: Male

    Just wanted to drop a line and tell you I ordered ink today from your web site. I have been a satisfied customer for more than ten years. I had an Epson CX7450 for approximately ten years and it got to the point that it would no longer print black. After ordering ink for my new Canon MX922, I started reading some testimonials. Quite a few people bought their Canon MX922 printers on your recommendation, as did I! Thanks for caring. Paul Thompson, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania....

  • Walt Harris

    | Gender: Male

    As always, thanks for supplying great ink at crazy low prices, and great printer advice on the side.! My MX922 is still going strong!...

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