Epson Ink Cartridges

Details for people who like to read:

Our cartridges are brand new - not refilled Epson cartridges which are hazardous to your printer.

How can CCS-Digital provide such inexpensive Epson cartridges?
People ask us how we can provide cheap Epson ink cartridges without sacrificing quality. The question they should really be asking is how can the stores charge so much for ink cartridges. Think about it. You can buy a pen for a dollar, which is simply some plastic and some ink - just like an ink cartridge. So why are the printer companies charging $15 and up per cartridge? Unlike them, our goal in NOT to reap maximum profit or rip customers off. We are giving you a viable option at much lower cost.

Judge hands printer companies a monopoly:
In 2007 a judge made a ridiculous ruling in favor of the printer companies. He allowed them to produce printers which would reject third-party cartridges. The printer companies celebrated by stabbing their customers in the back. They raised the price of ink cartridges and reduced the amount of ink provided. Epson cartridges went from about 20ml to about 7. That's right. Epson cartridges are now about 75% empty when you buy them! And for this you are paying about $20. That works out to well over $5,000 a gallon for ink! So as you can see, our cartridges are not inexpensive because they are inferior. The brand names are too expensive because they are ripping you off!