CCS-Digital Bonuses

All orders placed here may be eligible for numerous bonuses!

Flat shipping and handling
In 2016 we raised our shipping by $1 for the first increase in many years, despite several increases by the Post Office. At that time we were shipping everything via priority mail and were reluctantly forced to do it after losing money on several orders. People in California placed $20 orders and paid by credit card. The processing cost us a dollar and the shipping another $8.82 and by the time we were finished, we had a loss. We decided against doing what so many other sites are doing: charging based on weight and destination. That would require the customer to enter the entire order and their address before seeing the shipping charge. So we chose $8, because that seemed to be the median cost. On some orders the shipping and credit card/paypal costs us more than $8 and on others less. If you are the type to feel ripped off by paying $8 when it cost us less, there's a simple solution: order more. Even if it costs us more, you will still only pay $8.

We ship smaller orders first class or in flat rate priority envelopes. Because our cost went down, we lowered the shipping on some items to $4 and $6 and added extra cartridges to our packs. Our 5-packs became 6-7 packs, our 10-packs are now 12-packs. We often throw in an extra on top of that. On Canadian orders, we don't know what the shipping will be until we actually weigh the order. We then offer a rebate. We strive to be fair.

Did we once offer free shipping?
Yes, we did. However, if you are an experienced shopper, you are probably familiar with the term TANSTAAFL. No, it isn't a German dancing table. It stands for There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. Everyone knows (or ought to know) that when something is advertised as Free, you are actually paying for it somehow. Free shipping simply meant we added the cost of shipping into the price. This means that FREE shipping was actually costing you more than if you paid for it. How is that? Simple. If we wanted to sell five T069 cartridges for $23 plus $7 shipping, we made the price $30 with "free" shipping. But what if you wanted ten? You could buy two five-packs for $60, but then you were paying $14 for the "free" shipping. So we ended the "free" shipping. Instead, we dropped the price of the cartridges to 10 for $20 with a flat shipping of $8 for any quantity. It works out to even less than the "free" shipping, since the cost per cartridge dropped from $6 to $2.80. That is before the extra cartridge we add to almost every order. And with out next promotions, you save even more.

Non credit card bonus
Since we pay a fee to process orders via credit card or paypal, if you save us the fee we will reward you, usually in the form of a free cartridge. If paying via paypal from your bank account or balance you must follow the instructions on the site exactly to qualify. The exact reward depends on the amount of your order.

Repeat customer bonus - We're always surprised by companies which offer a discount on your first purchase and then none after that. Do they want all their customers to be one-shot deals? We do almost no advertising. Most of our business comes from repeat loyal customers and the friends and relatives they refer. So we are offering a special bonus for repeat customers who order 10 or more cartridges.

Referral bonus
Refer your family and friends who do not live at the same address. When they place an order, have them tell us you referred them. They will get a free cartridge with their first order. When you place your order, remind us who you referred. You will get a free cartridge for every first order one of your referrals placed. It's that easy!

Secret bonus
Signup for our free monthly newsletter and get a secret code which will give you additional discounts on many of our packs.

Add it together: T069 regular disposable cartridges: 20 = $36, with shipping $44. Cost per cartridge $2.39. Previous customer gets 21. Pay with non credit card, get 22. Cost per cartridge $2. And that is BEFORE the SECRET DISCOUNT which currently takes another 5% off. And if you turn the empty ones in to Staples, Officemax or OfficeDepot, you get back $2 on each (in the US only). That's like getting paid to use them!

NOTE: Bonuses do not always go out automatically. When placing your order, don't forget to mention your specific bonuses in email. (Don't just write "send me a bonus." Specify the ones you are requesting.)