PGI280/CLI281 compatible XL set of 5

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PGI280/CLI281 compatible XL set of 5 (does not include photo blue. if you need photo blue, you can order the 6 pack or the photo blue separately.)

Pixma TR7500
Pixma TR7520
Pixma TR8500
Pixma TR8520
Pixma TS6100
Pixma TS6120
Pixma TS6200
Pixma TS6220
Pixma TS8100
Pixma TS8120
Pixma TS8200
Pixma TS8220
Pixma TS9100
Pixma TS9120
Pixma TS9520
Pixma TS9521C
Pixma TS702
Pixma TS120
Pixma TS8320
Pixma TS6320
Pixma TR8620
Pixma TR8622
Pixma TR8620A
Pixma TR8622A