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new version: single high capacity, remanufacturered 564xl


new version: single high capacity, remanufacturered 564xl
Deskjet 3070a
Deskjet 3520
Deskjet 3521
Deskjet 3522
Officejet 4620
Officejet 4622
Deskjet 3526
Deskjet 4620
Deskjet 4622
Deskjet e
Officejet E
Photosmart 5400
Photosmart 5510
Photosmart 5511
Photosmart 5512
Photosmart 5514
Photosmart 5515
Photosmart 5520
Photosmart 5522
Photosmart 5525
Photosmart 6300
Photosmart 6510
Photosmart 6512
Photosmart 6515
Photosmart 6520
Photosmart 7500
Photosmart 7510
Photosmart 7515
Photosmart 7520
Photosmart 7525
Photosmart B8500
Photosmart B8550
Photosmart B8553
Photosmart B8558
Photosmart C309
Photosmart C310
Photosmart C510
Photosmart C5300
Photosmart C5324
Photosmart C5370
Photosmart C5373
Photosmart C5380
Photosmart C5383
Photosmart C5388
Photosmart C5390
Photosmart C5393
Photosmart C6300
Photosmart C6324
Photosmart C6340
Photosmart C6350
Photosmart C6375
Photosmart C6380
Photosmart C6383
Photosmart C6388
Photosmart D5400
Photosmart D5445
Photosmart D5460
Photosmart D5463
Photosmart D5468
Photosmart D7500
Photosmart D7560
Photosmart E
Photosmart Premium

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